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602, 2014

Scott Parnell and Associates P.C. Attorneys of Carrollton, Texas Suing? Lawyers File Lawsuit for Debt?

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Scott Parnell & Associates, P.C. is a Texas law firm that was formerly known as the Law Office of Michael J. Scott, P.C. This law office is based in Carrollton, TX, and files debt collection lawsuits throughout the state of Texas and elsewhere. If you have been sued by this law office, please contact us now for a free consultation. You can click here for some of our firm’s past results in dealing with the former entity now known as Scott, Parnell & Associates, P.C.

3112, 2012

Texas Debt Settlement Attorneys | Debt Settlement Lawyers Texas

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Our Texas law firm has one mission – to help people resolve their debt lawsuits and to negotiate settlements.  We are proud that we were one of the first, and that we are one of the only law firms in Texas dedicated to consumer debt lawsuit and judgment resolution.  Our attorneys have years of experience and our track record is one of repeated success.  If you have been sued in Texas for credit card debt or student loan debt and you are looking to have an attorney represent you and negotiate a settlement, you have come to the right place.  Likewise, if the student loan or credit card lawsuit is over already and a judgment was entered against you by the court, we can still help.  We also negotiate judgment settlements.  We offer free consultations and we charge very affordable flat fees.

10 Reasons to Hire us to Represent You:

1.         Because We Will Handle Your Legal Matter For You.  The odds are that you have better things to do than worry about a credit card or student loan lawsuit.  We can make all of the court appearances for you and handle all of the paperwork.  When the time comes, we will also negotiate a settlement if you wish.

2.         Because Texas Lawsuits to Collect Debt Can be Defended.  The debt collector does not automatically win the lawsuit if the case is properly defended.  The creditor has the burden of proof and has to prove its case first.

3.         Because Your Spouse’s Property Could be in Danger.  Community property that is non-exempt from creditors can be seized in Texas to satisfy a judgment.  If your spouse is already upset about the lawsuit, it is likely that having his or her community property seized by the sheriff will not make things any better.

4.         Because Our Law Firm is Very Affordable.  We think that everybody who gets sued for debt in Texas should be able to afford an excellent defense lawyer.  Our fees are affordable and we offer free consultations and flexible payment plans.

5.         Because We Can Keep You Out of Court.  We have never had a client forced to go to court.  We have always been able to appear on behalf of our clients.  As your attorney, we will represent you and make all required court appearances.

6.         Because Your Bank Accounts Could be Garnished.  In Texas, a creditor with a final judgment can file a garnishment action against your bank to try to freeze and then empty your bank account.  This is an awful scenario.  Do not let this happen to you.

7.         Because You Do Not Have the Burden of Proof.  Fortunately, you are not obligated to prove that you do not owe the money.  In a lawsuit, the Plaintiff who filed suit has the burden of proof.  This is important because by putting the Plaintiff to its burden, the creditor’s claim might not be provable.

8.         Because Your Credit May be Destroyed if You Ignore the Lawsuit.  When somebody ignores a Texas debt collection lawsuit, a “default judgment” is usually rendered by the court.  A judgment is a public record that could find its way to your credit report.  Judgments are very bad for credit scores.

9.         Because Your Property Could be Seized.  In Texas, non-exempt property can be seized by a judgment creditor to satisfy a judgment.  Typically, the sheriff or constable will seize what they can find and then sell it at an auction.  The proceeds are then applied to the balance of the judgment.

10.       Because a Judgment Could Follow You For The Rest of Your Life.  Judgments in Texas are valid for 10 years, but can also be renewed every 10 years.  This means that a judgment could follow a consumer around for the rest of his or her life.  By negotiating a settlement, you avoid this scenario.

Texas Debt Lawsuit Defense

We settle consumer debt lawsuits for our clients on a daily basis.  We have also had many lawsuits that we have defended dismissed by the creditor because they could not prove their case once we were involved.  And, we have tried many of these lawsuits and won at trial.  You may contact us at any time for a free and no obligation consultation.

2812, 2012

Avoid Bankruptcy in Texas | Attorneys | Lawyers

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Are you considering filing for bankruptcy because you have recently been sued for debt in Texas?  Are you under the impression that bankruptcy is the only way that you can properly deal with the lawsuit that has been filed against you?  Would you like to avoid bankruptcy and instead address the lawsuit with the goal of making it go away?  Would you prefer to pay about half of what the average bankruptcy attorney charges to have your lawsuit professionally defended?  If so, we can help.

We are a Texas consumer defense law firm and we focus on defending lawsuits that have been filed against Texans in an effort to collect debt.  Our firm has handled thousands of cases, and we have helped hundreds of people just like you avoid the pitfalls that come with filing for bankruptcy.  Lawsuits can be frightening, we know.  The good news is that we also know how to properly defend them.  Our goal is to keep our clients out of court and relaxed while we handle their case for them.

Some Good Reasons to Avoid Bankruptcy

For a very slight portion of the population, bankruptcy may be the best way to deal with a credit card lawsuit or other bad debt lawsuit.  In fact, we have even referred a few people to bankruptcy lawyers when we believed that their case was not worth defending.  But for the vast majority of people who are sued for consumer debt in Texas, we believe that we offer an option that is a much better solution

Here are four reasons why it might be a good idea to avoid bankruptcy altogether:

1.         To Protect Your Credit Score. 

You may have read that bankruptcy is really not that bad for your credit report.  We disagree entirely.  Filing a bankruptcy petition will usually drop your credit score by 200 – 250 points immediately.  And, your score will stay dropped for at least 7 to 10 years depending on what chapter you file.

2.         To Protect Your Ability to Get a Job. 

If you have applied for a job lately, then you were probably asked on the application if you have ever filed for bankruptcy before.  Most employers these days want to know.  If you file for bankruptcy, you will have to disclose this fact to potential employers (when asked) for the rest of your life.

3.         To Protect Your Ability to Get a Loan. 

Lenders are a lot like employers in that they almost always want to know if you have ever sought bankruptcy protection.  A mortgage company is going to be much less likely to extend credit on reasonable terms to an individual who has a bankruptcy in their past.  This is a commonly accepted fact and one that should weigh in your decision.

4.         Because Not All Debt Can be Discharged. 

There are many types of debts that cannot be eliminated with bankruptcy.  Student loan debt is just about impossible to get rid of.  Back taxes are very difficult to shed as well.  And, trying to get rid of child support or spousal support is not looked favorably upon by the bankruptcy courts.

How You Can Avoid Bankruptcy if You Have Been Sued

Our method is simply really.  If you have been sued for debt in Texas and you are looking to avoid filing for bankruptcy, you can hire our firm to meet the lawsuit head on.  We are not a debt settlement company, we are a Texas litigation law firm with a focus on consumer defense cases.  Most of our clients are surprised to learn that unlike most lawyers, we do not charge by the hour to defend these cases.  Instead, we charge fixed fees that are very affordable.  Realizing that you may be in a bit of a bind financially right now, we also accept payment plans tailored to meet the needs of our clients.  Please call us now for your no obligation, free consultation.

2812, 2012

Sued for Credit Card Debt in Dallas, Texas

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Have you been sued for credit card debt in Dallas?  Our consumer debt lawsuit defense firm has handled thousands of credit card cases.  Many of these cases were filed in Dallas County.  Unfortunately, a lawsuit has become the collection tool of choice for many debt collectors.

Whatever you do, do not disregard the lawsuit.  If you do, a second lawsuit may be filed in the future, only it may be a garnishment action filed against your bank to freeze and then empty your bank accounts.  If a default judgment is issued against you because you ignore the lawsuit, this could happen.  There is a myth that bank account garnishment is illegal in Texas.  The truth is that garnishment is alive and well.

We are a Texas debt defense law firm with extensive experience.  We charge fixed fees that are very affordable.  We allow our clients to pay our fee over time and we offer free consultations.  Please contact us today.

2612, 2012

Sued for Credit Card Debt in Austin, Texas

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Austin has seen an incredible boom in population in recent years.  Unfortunately, there has also been a boom in credit card lawsuits filed in the Travis County civil courts as well.  These cases are brought by both original creditors and debt buyers and seek to obtain a money judgment against the Defendant for the debt, costs of court, attorney’s fees and interest.

If you have been sued in Austin recently for consumer debt, you cannot afford to ignore the lawsuit.  If you do and the creditor that sued you gets a judgment, you should know that the court can order a judgment debtor to turn over all non-exempt property for auction to satisfy the judgment.  This can cause extreme financial and emotional distress and is a great reason to respond to the lawsuit with a consumer lawyer by your side.

Our firm charges reasonable flat fees to defend these types of cases and we offer payment plans.  Call now for a free consultation.  Click here to learn more about us.

2012, 2012

Sued for Credit Card Debt in Texas | Texas Credit Card Lawsuit | Attorneys | Lawyers

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If you have recently found out that a credit card company or debt buyer is suing you, you may feel hopeless.  You may feel that the lawsuit is unwinnable and that there is nothing that you can do.  The good news is that this is not necessarily the case.

The Burden of Proof

It is common for debt collectors to keep shoddy records.  This is excellent for you as the Defendant in the lawsuit because you do not have the burden of proof in the case.  Some debt collectors have nothing more than a computer screen snapshot claiming that a balance is owed.  Likewise, original credit card creditors do not always preserve account statements.  Sometimes they are discarded as matter of routine.

Credit Card Lawsuits – What Will Happen?

It depends on what you do.  If you do nothing, you will lose the case without ever making the creditor satisfy its burden of proof.  This is not a good idea.  There is no reason to ignore the lawsuit.  You may be considering representing yourself but you are not sure of how to go about it.  This is also not a good idea.  It has been our experience that the majority of people who defend their own lawsuits lose them quite quickly.

When we are hired to defend a credit card or other consumer debt defense case, we handle everything for our client.  We determine when the lawsuit must be responded to and we take care of the response and all related paperwork.  If a court appearance becomes necessary, we appear on our client’s behalf.  It is extremely unlikely that as our client you will ever have to appear in court.  In fact, we have never had a client made to appear in court.  We have always appeared on our client’s behalf.  We plan on keeping it that way.

We can handle the case for you.  Debt collections lawsuits are a headache.  Let us deal with the headache while you live your life as usual.  We know that this is an unpleasant scenario.  We have defended thousands of these cases and we know what needs to be done to obtain a result that you will be happy with.  We charge very affordable flat fees and we accept reasonable payment plans.  Please feel free to contact us now for a no obligation free consultation.

Our Flat Fees

We do not charge hourly fees to defend these cases.  If we did, some of our clients would owe us more than they are being sued for.  Instead, we charge fixed flat fees.  You will know exactly what it will cost to hire us to defend your lawsuit.  The fee depends on a few factors, such as the amount of money that is being sought in the lawsuit and the status of the case when we are hired.  Our fee amount varies but most fall in the $500.00 to $1,250.00 range.  We take many methods of payment and accept payment plans.

Texas Credit Card Lawsuit, Student Loan Lawsuit and Judgment Defense

We defend these cases constantly, and we have for years.  Many of the cases that we have handled have been dismissed.  Many have resulted in very affordable settlements, and a few have actually gone to trial.  Please note that our firm also maintains individual websites for each of our dedicated lawsuit defense areas of practice.  Please feel free to contact us now for your free consultation.