Our Texas law firm has one mission – to help people resolve their debt lawsuits and to negotiate settlements.  We are proud that we were one of the first, and that we are one of the only law firms in Texas dedicated to consumer debt lawsuit and judgment resolution.  Our attorneys have years of experience and our track record is one of repeated success.  If you have been sued in Texas for credit card debt or student loan debt and you are looking to have an attorney represent you and negotiate a settlement, you have come to the right place.  Likewise, if the student loan or credit card lawsuit is over already and a judgment was entered against you by the court, we can still help.  We also negotiate judgment settlements.  We offer free consultations and we charge very affordable flat fees.

10 Reasons to Hire us to Represent You:

1.         Because We Will Handle Your Legal Matter For You.  The odds are that you have better things to do than worry about a credit card or student loan lawsuit.  We can make all of the court appearances for you and handle all of the paperwork.  When the time comes, we will also negotiate a settlement if you wish.

2.         Because Texas Lawsuits to Collect Debt Can be Defended.  The debt collector does not automatically win the lawsuit if the case is properly defended.  The creditor has the burden of proof and has to prove its case first.

3.         Because Your Spouse’s Property Could be in Danger.  Community property that is non-exempt from creditors can be seized in Texas to satisfy a judgment.  If your spouse is already upset about the lawsuit, it is likely that having his or her community property seized by the sheriff will not make things any better.

4.         Because Our Law Firm is Very Affordable.  We think that everybody who gets sued for debt in Texas should be able to afford an excellent defense lawyer.  Our fees are affordable and we offer free consultations and flexible payment plans.

5.         Because We Can Keep You Out of Court.  We have never had a client forced to go to court.  We have always been able to appear on behalf of our clients.  As your attorney, we will represent you and make all required court appearances.

6.         Because Your Bank Accounts Could be Garnished.  In Texas, a creditor with a final judgment can file a garnishment action against your bank to try to freeze and then empty your bank account.  This is an awful scenario.  Do not let this happen to you.

7.         Because You Do Not Have the Burden of Proof.  Fortunately, you are not obligated to prove that you do not owe the money.  In a lawsuit, the Plaintiff who filed suit has the burden of proof.  This is important because by putting the Plaintiff to its burden, the creditor’s claim might not be provable.

8.         Because Your Credit May be Destroyed if You Ignore the Lawsuit.  When somebody ignores a Texas debt collection lawsuit, a “default judgment” is usually rendered by the court.  A judgment is a public record that could find its way to your credit report.  Judgments are very bad for credit scores.

9.         Because Your Property Could be Seized.  In Texas, non-exempt property can be seized by a judgment creditor to satisfy a judgment.  Typically, the sheriff or constable will seize what they can find and then sell it at an auction.  The proceeds are then applied to the balance of the judgment.

10.       Because a Judgment Could Follow You For The Rest of Your Life.  Judgments in Texas are valid for 10 years, but can also be renewed every 10 years.  This means that a judgment could follow a consumer around for the rest of his or her life.  By negotiating a settlement, you avoid this scenario.

Texas Debt Lawsuit Defense

We settle consumer debt lawsuits for our clients on a daily basis.  We have also had many lawsuits that we have defended dismissed by the creditor because they could not prove their case once we were involved.  And, we have tried many of these lawsuits and won at trial.  You may contact us at any time for a free and no obligation consultation.