Are you considering filing for bankruptcy because you have recently been sued for debt in Texas?  Are you under the impression that bankruptcy is the only way that you can properly deal with the lawsuit that has been filed against you?  Would you like to avoid bankruptcy and instead address the lawsuit with the goal of making it go away?  Would you prefer to pay about half of what the average bankruptcy attorney charges to have your lawsuit professionally defended?  If so, we can help.

We are a Texas consumer defense law firm and we focus on defending lawsuits that have been filed against Texans in an effort to collect debt.  Our firm has handled thousands of cases, and we have helped hundreds of people just like you avoid the pitfalls that come with filing for bankruptcy.  Lawsuits can be frightening, we know.  The good news is that we also know how to properly defend them.  Our goal is to keep our clients out of court and relaxed while we handle their case for them.

Some Good Reasons to Avoid Bankruptcy

For a very slight portion of the population, bankruptcy may be the best way to deal with a credit card lawsuit or other bad debt lawsuit.  In fact, we have even referred a few people to bankruptcy lawyers when we believed that their case was not worth defending.  But for the vast majority of people who are sued for consumer debt in Texas, we believe that we offer an option that is a much better solution

Here are four reasons why it might be a good idea to avoid bankruptcy altogether:

1.         To Protect Your Credit Score. 

You may have read that bankruptcy is really not that bad for your credit report.  We disagree entirely.  Filing a bankruptcy petition will usually drop your credit score by 200 – 250 points immediately.  And, your score will stay dropped for at least 7 to 10 years depending on what chapter you file.

2.         To Protect Your Ability to Get a Job. 

If you have applied for a job lately, then you were probably asked on the application if you have ever filed for bankruptcy before.  Most employers these days want to know.  If you file for bankruptcy, you will have to disclose this fact to potential employers (when asked) for the rest of your life.

3.         To Protect Your Ability to Get a Loan. 

Lenders are a lot like employers in that they almost always want to know if you have ever sought bankruptcy protection.  A mortgage company is going to be much less likely to extend credit on reasonable terms to an individual who has a bankruptcy in their past.  This is a commonly accepted fact and one that should weigh in your decision.

4.         Because Not All Debt Can be Discharged. 

There are many types of debts that cannot be eliminated with bankruptcy.  Student loan debt is just about impossible to get rid of.  Back taxes are very difficult to shed as well.  And, trying to get rid of child support or spousal support is not looked favorably upon by the bankruptcy courts.

How You Can Avoid Bankruptcy if You Have Been Sued

Our method is simply really.  If you have been sued for debt in Texas and you are looking to avoid filing for bankruptcy, you can hire our firm to meet the lawsuit head on.  We are not a debt settlement company, we are a Texas litigation law firm with a focus on consumer defense cases.  Most of our clients are surprised to learn that unlike most lawyers, we do not charge by the hour to defend these cases.  Instead, we charge fixed fees that are very affordable.  Realizing that you may be in a bit of a bind financially right now, we also accept payment plans tailored to meet the needs of our clients.  Please call us now for your no obligation, free consultation.