about us

We are proud to be a Texas law firm dedicated to protecting consumers from debt collectors. In order to best serve our clients, we have three experienced debt collection defense attorneys and a large and well trained staff. Combined, our attorneys have tried well over one hundred debt collection cases to verdict and have handled thousands more from beginning to conclusion with over a thousand either won or voluntarily dismissed by the other side. We have settled many cases on very favorable terms for our clients as well.

We are available to defend debt collection cases in every Texas county and city. In the event that we have to travel to go to court, we will do so at our own expense. You will not have to pay our travel expenses under any circumstances. We also charge flat fees only to defend debt collection lawsuits. We have a very streamlined operation which makes our fees very affordable. If you choose to hire us, you may pay our fee over time at $250.00 per month. You may also contact us via this website or call us to arrange for your free consultation, which we can do on the telephone. It is not necessary for you to come to one of our offices to have a free consultation or to hire us, though you are certainly more than welcome to do so.

Our Attorneys

We believe that our team of attorneys is what makes our firm unique. All of our attorneys are accomplished trial lawyers with diverse backgrounds. One of our attorneys is a former police officer with experience investigating complex financial fraud. One of our attorneys is an extremely experienced former consumer debt collection attorney who switched sides after years of trying cases as a debt collector, and one of our attorneys is a seasoned trial attorney with extensive jury trial experience who has won twice in front of the Texas Supreme Court.

Why Consider Hiring Us

We know that hiring a law firm is an important decision. We believe that anybody who hires a law firm must feel comfortable and confident in their decision. If you have found this website because you need to hire a Texas debt defense attorney, there are several more reasons why we think that you should consider our firm:

Because Our Team of Attorneys Will Handle Your Case From Beginning to End

If you retain our law firm to handle your legal matter, you can take comfort in knowing that your case will immediately be assigned to our team of attorneys. We will not hand your case off to a non-attorney for handling. Our attorneys handle the legal matters for our clients from beginning to conclusion. If you wish to speak to one of us about your case at any time, all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call.

Because With Our Firm, What You See is What You Get

We hope that you have found our website to be educational and helpful. We believe that you will find that our law firm is like our website – serious and to the point. We offer our clients aggressive, loyal, and faithful legal representation. We look forward to being able to serve you.

Here Are Ten Other Reasons to Consider Hiring Our Firm if You Have Been Sued:

1. To Keep Your Bank Accounts From Being Frozen.
As noted elsewhere on our website, if you have been sued and you do not defend the lawsuit, you will usually lose automatically by operation of law. Should this happen, the debt collector may try to have your savings or checking accounts frozen and depleted by filing a garnishment lawsuit against your bank.

2. For Property Protection.
A final Texas default judgment will allow the Plaintiff that sued you to go after your non-exempt property.

3. For The Protection of The Community Property of Your Spouse.
If married, it is important to know that Texas law allows a debt collector Plaintiff with a final default judgment to petition the court for the seizure of some non-exempt property owned jointly by both spouses.

4. Texas Default Judgments May be Around Forever.
Judgments in Texas are good for 10 years, but can then potentially be renewed in perpetuity (i.e. forever). There is a common misconception that the four year Texas statute of limitations for breach of contract applies to final judgments. It does not.

5. Your Credit Could be Ruined by a Default Judgment.
If you have taken a look at your credit report recently, you may have seen a section reserved for the reporting of “Public Records.” Involuntary Texas default judgments are public records and may be reported to the credit bureaus.

6. Texas Debt Collection Lawsuits Are Defendable.
If you hire an experienced Texas debt collection defense trial law firm who is determined to protect your legal rights, you will increase your odds of obtaining an outcome that you will be happy with.

7. It is Very Unlikely That You Will Ever Have to go to The Courthouse.
We have never had a client forced to appear at court. In our experience, the odds of that happening are very slim. We can appear for you.

8. You Will Not Bear The “Burden Of Proof.”
Many debt collection cases can be defeated simply because the alleged creditor cannot prove its case. But, you must answer and defend the lawsuit to put them to that burden.

9. We Are Affordable.
We are affordable. We charge flat fees and we take payment plans.

10. Our Attorneys Will do All of The Work.
You probably have better things to do than worry about a credit card or other debt collection lawsuit. Let us worry about it while you go about your life as usual.

Please read our attorney biographies here. You can read some FAQs here.