business debt lawsuits

Our Texas law practice is not limited to just helping individuals. We also defend small businesses that have been sued for credit card and other bank loan debt. In Texas, corporate entities such as limited liability companies and corporations have most of the same business privileges and obligations as natural persons (i.e. as humans). For example, a company can enter into contracts, maintain licenses, borrow money, and can sue and be sued. This is the same “legal fiction” that obliges corporations to pay taxes and to otherwise follow the law.

We have defended many small business owners who have been sued, along with their business, for allegations of defaulting on business credit cards and small business loans from banks. Because banks generally require a personal guarantee from one or all of the small business owners, it is common for both the business and its owners to ultimately be named as Defendants in the lawsuit. These lawsuits may differ from the average credit card lawsuit in that there may be an actual promissory note bearing the signature of those individuals who guaranteed the loan. Then again, there may not. We have had more than one case wherein the creditor made allegations of personal liability upon the business owners, but then was unable to prove it.

The recent financial crisis that our country has experienced affected small businesses and individuals alike. We understand that, and we are here to help. If you or your business has been sued for debt in Texas, please feel free to contact us immediately to discuss the possibility of our law firm handling the lawsuit for you. Please also note that business cases do not fit into our normal fee scale as they generally involve multiple Defendants who have been sued and often times present more complex legal issues. While we still charge flat fees to defend these cases, we will not be able to quote such a fee until we have had a chance to review the case and visit with you about the facts and your goals and expectations.

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