Wells Fargo Bank Texas Lawsuit Attorneys

Wells Fargo Bank is one of many original creditors who file collection lawsuits against Texas consumers. If you have been sued by this creditor or another, please contact us immediately. We can help you fight the lawsuit.

Unfortunately, most consumers do not contact an attorney immediately after being sued. Why? They are usually overwhelmed by the process. They know they do not have the skills to argue their case successfully against a company who sues consumers all the time.

But, even though you as a consumer may not have the skills to defend your case, you can hire a credit card defense law firm like us to handle your case for you. Sometimes, just hiring us is enough to make a lawsuit go away. Other times, we are able to negotiate a settlement on very favorable terms.

Your creditors have four years in Texas from the date you defaulted to sue you for the amounts you allegedly owe. This is called the statute of limitations.

Please contact us for a free consultation, and we will let you know how we can help you defend yourself against this creditor’s actions. Here is this creditor’s information in case you are wondering:

Wells Fargo Bank
420 Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA 94104

Some Recent Wells Fargo Bank Lawsuit Results:

Situation: Our client hired us to defend a Wells Fargo Bank lawsuit.
Plaintiff: Wells Fargo Bank
Court: Denton County Court at Law No. 2, TX
Cause No: CV-2009-01703
Result: The case was dismissed. Our client never had to go to court.