Stellar Recovery Inc. Texas Lawsuit Attorneys

Stellar Recovery, Inc., is what is known as a debt buyer. They actively sue many consumers in Texas courts each year.

What does a debt buyer do? They purchase unpaid bills or credit charge offs from a company for about 3-10% or less of the value of the debt. Creditors are happy to sell to debt buyers because they like getting at least some of their money back.

The debt buyer then makes a profit on the remaining 90-97% of the bill, which most consumers willingly pay without thinking twice. Not a bad margin, is it?

Unfortunately, however, the system gets abused very often. Many debt buyers are happy to take a case to court because they know most consumers will not show up, giving the creditor a default judgment for the full value of the debt.

We do not want this gross injustice to happen to you. Many honest, hardworking Americans are experiencing financial difficulty right now. Our goal is to help you pursue the just legal outcome you deserve, and that can mean you end up paying just a small portion, or none of, the debt they claim you owe.

For your information, here is Stellar Recovery’s contact information:

Stellar Recovery, Inc.
1845 US Hwy 93 South, Suite 310
Kalispell, MT 59901
Phone: 406.755.9522
Fax: 877.277.5520

Some Recent Stellar Recovery, Inc. Lawsuit Results:

Situation: Our client hired us to defend a Stellar Recovery, Inc. lawsuit.
Plaintiff: Stellar Recovery, Inc.
Court: Johnson County Justice Court Prec. 2, TX
Cause No: CV120138
Result: The case was dismissed. Our client never had to go to court.