Oliphant Financial Texas Lawsuit Attorneys

Many different creditors sue debtors in Texas courts. One of the potential creditors you may be sued by is Oliphant Financial. If they have sued you, please contact us immediately – we can help you pursue the just legal outcome you deserve.

Oliphant Financial is what is known as a “debt purchaser.” They purchase debts, such as hospital bills, for as little as 3-10% or less of the face value of the bill. The organization you were not able to pay is happy just to get a little money. The debt purchaser then sues you for the face value of the bill, and keeps the difference as profit.

How you came into the debt, or the reasons you have for being unable to pay it are not of concern to the debt purchaser. They exist solely to maximize their profit.

Fortunately, however, you do not have to simply give in to their demands. If you challenge them in court with the help of an experienced credit card defense attorney, they often have a hard time substantiating their case. Remember, the burden is on them to prove you owe the debt.

It is our goal to help you receive a favorable legal outcome. Contact us, tell us the details of your case, and we will let you know how we can help.

Here is Oliphant’s contact information:

Oliphant Financial
9009 Town Center Pkwy
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202
Phone: (941) 360-8990
Fax: (941) 360-8993

Some Recent Oliphant Financial Lawsuit Results:

Situation: Our client hired us to defend a junk debt buyer lawsuit.
Plaintiff: Oliphant Financial
Court: Collin County Court at Law No. 4, TX
Cause No: 004-1995-07
Result: Case dismissed. Our client never had to go to court.