Niermannn and Olivo Texas Lawsuit Attorneys

Niermannn and Olivo sue many alleged debtors throughout the state of Texas. Typically, they represent Bluebonnet Financial Assets. However, we have successfully resolved many lawsuits they and other collections law firms have brought forth.

Unfortunately, most law firms and creditors do not take into account the difficult economic times we are all facing when they choose to file suit. However, we know the tough times you are going through and that you may not have the ability to repay your alleged debts, even though you have been doing everything in your power to stay afloat financially.

We also charge flat fees which you can pay by month, if you prefer. Our goal is to make sure you receive fair representation if you are sued by a creditor. Most people do not realize they do have equal rights to their creditors – they simply ignore the notice they are being sued and move on.

However, this does not give them the best legal outcome. Despite the fact your creditor or debt collector states you owe a certain amount, the reality is you may not owe the amount they claim or any amount at all. We can help you reduce the amount you owe, and we might even be able to reduce that amount to zero.

If you have been sued by Niermann and Olivo, contact us for a free consultation. We can help you pursue the just legal outcome you deserve.

Here is their contact information:

Niermann and Olivo
1622 E. Belt Line Rd. #100
Carrollton, TX 75006
Phone: 972.242.0924
Fax: 972.242.1754

We have negotiated many confidential settlements with Niermann & Olivo. Click here to see some of our firm’s results that are not confidential.