Dell Financial Services LLC Texas Lawsuit Attorneys

Dell Financial Services files collection lawsuits in Texas. We have dealt with this creditor many times in Texas courts. If Dell Financial Services has filed a credit card lawsuit against you then please contact us immediately.

Dell Financial Services sues many people who allegedly owe them money, and unfortunately many people fail to properly answer their summons, or are victims of a fault in the service of process. For these reasons, Dell Financial Services often obtains default judgments in court and justice is rarely served for the Defendant. Without a properly defended case, they will not have to prove that the debt is yours and was calculated in accordance to the contract you signed with them.

You should be aware that original creditors and debt buyers only have four years to take you to court on your loan. Four years after your last payment is made to Dell Financial Services, marks the date that the creditor can no longer take you to court. This is due to the Texas statute of limitations.

If you are approaching this four year marker it is likely that you will receive a court notice regarding the matter. Be sure to check when your last payment was made to Dell Financial Services, as it could mean that they are not eligible to sue you.

If you find yourself served papers in a lawsuit against Dell Financial Services, then please contact our office.

For your reference Dell Financial Services’ contact information is below:

Dell Financial Services
P.O. Box 81577
Austin, TX 78708-1577
Phone: (512) 728-3500
Fax: (512) 723-6082

Some Recent Dell Financial Lawsuit Results:

Situation: Our client hired us to defend a Dell Financial lawsuit.
Plaintiff: Dell Financial Services, LLC
Court: Dallas County Justice Court Prec. 2-1, TX
Cause No: JC11-01385D
Result: The case was dismissed. Our client never had to go to court.