Atlantic Credit and Finance, Inc. Texas Lawsuit Attorneys

The Texas debt purchaser, Atlantic Credit and Finance Inc., routinely files collection lawsuits against Texas residents. We are here to help residents in the Texas area who have been approached by these creditors.

We have defended numerous lawsuits in Texas that originated from Atlantic Credit and Finance Inc. If you have been threatened by this creditor with a lawsuit, or you have already received a lawsuit from Atlantic Credit and Finance Inc., contact us as soon as possible. We can help you fight back and challenge your lawsuit.

Atlantic Credit and Finance is like most standard debt purchasers. This company buys charged-off credit card debt at rock-bottom prices, then files credit card collection lawsuits against debtors. When challenged, however, Atlantic Credit and Finance, Inc. is frequently unable to provide reliable documentation that actually proves debt.

Unfortunately, a large number of Texan consumers fail to properly respond to the lawsuit or their summons after service of process. Consequently, these debtors experience costly default judgments, despite their debt never having been proven. We can help you prevent your own default judgment.

The Texas statute of limitations provides only four years for debt buyers like Atlantic Credit and Finance to sue you. That time limit begins on the date of your last payment. Debt purchasers often wait to file a lawsuit until your deadline is near. To find out how close your deadline has come, determine when you made your last payment to the original creditor or Atlantic Credit and Finance Inc.

Contact Information for Atlantic Credit and Finance Inc.:

Atlantic Credit & Finance, Inc.
2727 Franklin Road SW
Roanoke, VA 24014
Phone: (800) 888-9419

Some Recent Atlantic Credit and Finance Results:

Situation: Our client hired us to defend an Atlantic Credit and Finance lawsuit.
Plaintiff: Atlantic Credit and Finance, Inc.
Court: Dallas County Justice Court Prec. 5-2, TX
Cause No: JC07-00663P
Result: The case was dismissed. Our client never had to go to court.