Asset Acquisitions Group, LLC (“Asset Acquisitions, LLC”), a debt purchaser in Texas, routinely sues large numbers of Texas debtors by filing collection lawsuits against them. We can help Texas residents who are involved in a collection lawsuit, or who fear they may receive a lawsuit filed by Asset Acquisitions, LLC.

We have experience defending a long list of these collection lawsuits from Asset Acquisitions, LLC. If you are in Texas and facing legal problems with this debt purchaser, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you fight back and protect yourself from unfair judgments.

As most standard debt buyers do, Asset Acquisitions, LLC regularly purchases charged-off credit card debt at extremely low prices. Once this collection of debt is acquired, Asset Acquisitions, LLC files a credit card collection lawsuit against the involved debtors.

Unfortunately, many Texas consumers are unaware that when challenged, Asset Acquisitions, LLC often cannot provide reliable documentation to prove debt. Because this is unknown to the average person, Texas debtors frequently fail to properly respond to the lawsuit or their summons after service of process. This leads to default judgments that likely could have been avoided. We can help you protect yourself from your own default judgment.

Under the statute of limitations in Texas, debt purchasers like Asset Acquisitions, LLC have only four years to sue you, starting on the date of your last payment. Debt buyers are known to wait to file lawsuits until that deadline, so it is important to know when your deadline will arrive. To determine your deadline, simply check the date of your last payment to the original creditor.

Contact Information for Asset Acquisitions, LLC:

Asset Acquisitions, LLC
101 E Washington Ave #101
Whitney, TX 76692
Phone: (254) 694-2002

Some Recent Asset Acquisitions Lawsuit Results:

Situation: Our client hired us to defend an Asset Acquisitions lawsuit.
Plaintiff: Asset Acquisitions Group, LLC
Court: Collin County Justice Court Prec. 2-1, TX
Cause No: 02-JC-12-00150
Result: The case was dismissed. Our client never had to go to court.