If you are being sued by a debt collector or credit card company, then let us take a load off of your shoulders and represent you with your best interests in mind. These lawsuits can be defended.

Odessa Credit Card Lawsuits and Debt Lawsuits

Our job is defending people and organizations in debt buyer lawsuits and original creditor lawsuits. It may seem as if your credit is under control but that can quickly change. It is very common for debt to snowball out of control on people that are unaware of all they have agreed to in their contract.

Credit card companies abuse customers in that they do not go over the fine print of the contract with the customer. Hidden in that fine print could be permission for the creditor to raise interest rates or lower the limit on your credit card or line of credit, sometimes without reason. For those who have come to depend on the loan or credit, either of these actions can spell disaster.

Many people feel hopeless about their debt, and then they turn their backs on the loan and collection agencies completely. Do not be ashamed if your debt is spinning out of control. It is not entirely your fault. Credit card companies are bending and breaking ethical rules for extending loans. The bank or credit card company extending the loan or credit understands that it will be difficult for people to pay down the loans if they run their balances up to the limit. Nevertheless they will often penalize you, even when your debt cannot possibly be paid with your current income. If you get sued for the debt, securing an Odessa credit card lawsuit defense attorney may be the difference between a judgment being entered against you and a dismissal.

Odessa Credit Card Lawsuit Defense Attorney

We represent many people and organizations as credit card lawsuit defense lawyers. Remember, there are thousands of people in the same position as you, do not let the debt collectors continue to harass you and insist on immediate payment. You will not have to deal with private callers calling your house and asking you to verify personal information once we get involved. The harassment must stop.

We do not charge any fees for initial consultations. Our experience is available for review and you can contact us at any time.