Thom M. Thomas II

Tom M. Thomas II, Firm Founder

Tom is a graduate of the Texas Tech University School of Business and the Baylor University School of Law, having graduated from law school in only 27 months. He is also a former Dallas Police Officer, having graduated as valedictorian and the number one overall recruit in his academy class. Tom was assigned to the Southeast Dallas Police Substation where he earned recognition as the Southeast Dallas Chamber of Commerce Police Officer of the Year as a rookie officer, the only rookie ever to earn the honor. He worked as a one-man patrol element in South Dallas and the Pleasant Grove area of Southeast Dallas. Both locations are known havens for violent crime and are extremely dangerous venues for law enforcement. During his tenure as a police officer, Tom made 328 custodial arrests, including the single-handed apprehension of a capital murder suspect moments after the offense, bank robbery suspects, burglary suspects, multiple narcotics traffickers, aggravated assault suspects, and numerous other aggravated felons. He was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the department and received numerous accommodations for bravery and dedication to duty.

Tom’s professional background also includes several years experience as a financial consultant prior to attending law school. He worked for a Big 5 accounting firm and a Fortune 500 investment bank and credits the experience as a helpful asset when litigating finance-oriented lawsuits. Since graduating from law school, Tom has practiced trial law continuously and after several years of commercial litigation, now focuses his practice almost exclusively on consumer protection. Tom has successfully prosecuted and defended thousands of lawsuits. The results noted on this website are merely an example of a few victories. Tom’s practice combines street smarts with aggressive trial tactics and is designed to obtain results.

Tom is a seventh generation Texan and his firm defends collection cases throughout the state. All Texas cases will be considered regardless of location.

Reported trial victories upheld on appeal:

• American Title Co. v. BOMAC Mortgage Holdings, L.P.,
196 S.W.3d 903, (Tex. App. — Dallas 2006, no pet.).

Whitney Abbott

Whitney Abbott, Senior Attorney

Whitney is a former debt collection attorney. She began her law career as a commercial collections lawyer in 2006. In 2010, she took a position as a senior attorney at a law firm representing primarily debt buyers and original creditors.

She successfully filed and handled several thousand collection cases throughout the state of Texas. In spite of her success as a collections attorney, Whitney felt she was better suited to represent the needs of individuals faced with financial difficulties. The Law Office of Tom M. Thomas II was the perfect fit for her new mission to ensure that consumers faced with a lawsuit get a fair shake. Whitney loves defending debt collection cases and is thus far undefeated in trial as a collection defense attorney. She has also successfully negotiated many settlements on terms that were favorable to our clients.

Whitney received her law degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She obtained a bachelor of science in History with high honors at the University of Central Arkansas. Whitney lives with her husband and daughter in Rockwall, Texas.